Translation Office In Bahrain & Proofreading Services

Company Overview:
ART OF Translation and Consultancy W.L.L was established in 2016 to meet the diverse needs of translation and linguistic auditing services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the leading translation companies in the region, offering its services to a wide range of clients, including:
• Courts
• Lawyers
• Companies
• Banks
• Ministries
• Embassies
• Individuals
Our Services:
The company provides a wide range of translation services, including:
• Legal translation
• Medical translation
• Engineering translation
• Commercial translation
• Scientific translation
• Literary translation
• Instant translation
• Linguistic auditing
• Audio transcription
Specialized Expertise:
ART OF Translation and Consultancy W.L.L excels in specialized expertise in translating various types of texts, including:
• Legal domain
• Medical domain
• Engineering domain
• Commercial domain
• Scientific domain
• Literary domain
Additional Services:
In addition to translation services, ART OF Translation and Consultancy W.L.L offers a range of additional services, including:
• Linguistic auditing
• Translation certification
• Audio transcription for most languages
• Logistics services
ART OF Translation and Consultancy W.L.L provides translation services for more than 100 languages, including:
• Major languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.
• Rare languages: Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, etc.
Our Features:
• Accuracy: We are committed to providing accurate and high-quality translations.
• Reliability: Our services can be relied upon to be delivered on time and according to the required specifications.
• Skills: We have a team of qualified translators with experience in various fields.
• Speed: We offer our services quickly and efficiently.
• Cost: We provide competitive prices that suit your budget.
• Customer Service: We offer excellent customer service and strive to meet all your needs.
Our Motto:
"Transferring knowledge with integrity".
Our Mission:
We endeavor to facilitate communication between people by providing accurate and high-quality translation services. Because conveying knowledge requires integrity, the company aims to assist everyone in smooth and easy communication by creating an easy method of translation that enables the recipient to receive the intended message without compromising the original text, at a reasonable cost and with exceptional quality. The company ensures the delivery of translated content either by hand or electronically, and if necessary and upon the client's request, it can be sent abroad, reflecting its commitment to its mission.
Our Values:
• Accuracy
• Reliability
• Skills
• Speed
• Cost
• Customer Service
Our Vision:
We aspire to become the leading translation company in the Gulf region by expanding into all Gulf countries, believing in the message that translation provides to facilitate communication, covering all avenues of written and oral translation.
Company Structure:
The Company relies on a distinctive organizational structure that ensures the provision of high-quality services. The team consists of supervisors overseeing translators responsible for reviewing and revising translations, ensuring the accuracy of the translated content.
Our Story:
The Company was founded due to a gap in the Gulf market, where there was a need for accurate and reliable translation services. The company succeeded in filling this gap by providing high-quality translation services by specialized translators in various fields. It started with English and Arabic translation and expanded to proficient translation of all languages, marking a qualitative leap from literally translated content that is not understood or communicated well to professional specialized translation.
Target Audience:
We offer our services to all individuals and entities in need of certified translation, including:
• Individuals seeking certified translation for submission to government agencies or courts.
• Individuals wishing to translate documents into another language and have them authenticated and certified by embassies or to the language of the receiving country.
• Aspiring lawyers to provide them with a legal document and evidence to achieve justice by presenting accurately translated content to the court of law.
• Conference and exhibition organizers
• Companies
• Banks
• Ministries
• Embassies
Customer Reviews:
We pay great attention to our customers' opinions and use them to continually improve our services. We always welcome your comments and suggestions.
• Branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Dammam under the name "Atlas Gulf Translation Company", and we aspire to increase branches in line with our mission and to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
The company has a team of experienced translators in various fields, including:
• Law
• Medicine
• Engineering
• Business
• Sciences
• Literature The company has extensive experience in translating specialized documents, including:
• Legal contracts
• Medical records
• Technical specifications
• Financial reports
• Scientific papers
• Books and articles
The company uses the latest technologies to ensure the accuracy and speed of translations. It uses Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) software to improve productivity and quality.
The company uses Translation Management System (TMS) to organize workflow and ensure quality.
Company Commitments:
• The company is committed to providing accurate and high-quality translation services.
• The company is committed to providing its services on time and according to the required specifications.
• The company is committed to protecting the confidentiality of its clients' information.
• The company is committed to professional ethics and respect for cultural diversity.
Success Stories:
• The company assisted a leading global oil and gas industry company in translating its legal and technical documents, facilitating its expansion into new markets.
• The company assisted prestigious law firms in translating their legal documents, leading to winning an important case.
• The company assisted a reputable university in translating its website, leading to an increase in the number of international students.
Why ART OF Translation and Consultancy W.L.L?
• Accuracy: We are committed to providing accurate and high-quality translations.
• Reliability: Our services can be relied upon to be delivered on time and according to the required specifications.
• Skills: We have a team of qualified translators with experience in various fields.
• Speed: We offer our services quickly and efficiently.
• Cost: We provide competitive prices that suit your budget.
Customer Service:
We offer excellent customer service and strive to meet all your needs.
We are confident that we can provide translation services that meet all your needs. Please contact us today for a free quote.
Contact Information:
The company uses all possible methods to ensure that customers can reach it smoothly. Besides personal attendance, the customer can send the document through our authorized numbers or via email. Additionally, the company has contracted with parcel delivery companies to ensure delivery to the customer, whether locally or internationally.
• Address: Office 665, Road 1808, Complex 318, Opposite to Insurance Complex on Exhibition Avenue, Kingdom of Bahrain.
• Website:
• Phone Numbers: 0097337111217 / 0097317421473.
• Email: /
• Other Websites:
ART OF Translation and Consultancy W.L.L - Quality in Translation, Professionalism in Service.

We have translated millions of words and legal terms for law firms and legal services clients inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our legal translation services cover all kinds of legal contracts, prospectuses, legal accounts brochures, court proceedings, appeal preparations and internal memos. This translation service includes the subject of laws, regulations, court judgments, legal writings, briefs, powers of attorney, contracts, state and patent applications
• All kinds of Legal Documents
• Legal Correspondence
• Laws and Legislations
• Legal Contracts
• Notices
• Memorandum of Understanding
• Articles and Memoranda of Association
• Police Reports
• Court Judgments
• Marriage, Birth and Death Certificates
• Undertakings, Affidavits and statements, etc.
• Intellectual Property and patents

All of your international commercial needs are evaluated in this category. We offer the best service with our experienced translators in order to enable you to enter new markets, and maintain your available international relationships smoothly and freely.
• All kinds of Commercial Documents
• Commercial Registration & Customs Documents
• Licenses, Export/Import Certificates
• Feasibility Studies /Reports
• Foreign Trade Documents
• Invoices and Financial Statements
• Tenders/Bids/Specifications
• Agreements
• Investment and Growth Reports
• Insurance Policies
• Statement of Accounts
• Protocols
• Correspondence
• Equity Capital Research, etc.
ATC is a translation platform that allows its customers to have their translations fast and affordable. One of our specialty services is our Business Translation Services. Business Translation Services are essential for all business people and private business that are in need for a Business Translation Service.

If we don’t understand the content, then we will not be able to translate it! That is why ATC requires that all Medical Translators and translation Editors have to be highly educated, received proper training, and have actual work experience in the fields of medicine to be able to understand the subject matter they translate. Our meticulous Quality Control system is the most thorough in the industry, with a system of checks and auditing of texts. We are very keen throughout the entire process-from the selection of project manager to the final proofreading of the translated document.

Providing the language Editing & Proofreading service for various documents in order to help individuals and institutions to complete texts free of mistakes and influential which lead to their purpose. As editing & proofreading service is an important service, therefore we started in Arabic Language and English Language and working to include all languages.

We have an integrated team specialized in the translation of Thesis, books, articles and research with the highest level of accuracy and skill on different specialties, at special and competitive prices for students and graduates.

Today, translating your website is one of the most costs –effective ways to reach the international markets. Although English is the most prevalent second language in the world, and people in many countries read and understand English, cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and interfere with the message you want to convey. In addition, potential customers will always prefer buying products and services if they can read the content in their own language. It is so much more convenient for them!