Accurate management of your accounting and financial books is essential to obtaining credibility with each financial institutions and professional partners or investors. Integrating our advanced solutions with your business will give you credibility in financial management and financial information will provide you with more accurate information to ensure that true and accurate readings are used for your business to be used easily. We will also give you a helping hand to assist you in settling the basic business options.

As such, the Art Company for Translation and Consulting uses its team and external sources to its team of professional accounting experts to valued customers. We only work with the best talented accountants who are familiar with the latest accurate information as there is nothing more important than managing financial and accounting for our customers.

Our bookkeeping services include:-

• Establishing a full accounting system in the absence of an accounting system for the company.
• Accounts payable and debit.
• Registration all commercial transactions.
• Payroll processing
• Maintaining the general ledger, monitoring the movement of bank accounts with the institution, and making the necessary bank settlement.
• Periodic control over fixed assets accounts
• Inventory assessment and management.
• Making a monthly performance and analysis reports.

You can send documents by e-mail, express mail, or by any means, and our accountants will work from our offices. The electronic assembly process is the easiest, fastest and most economical way.

We charge a competitive monthly fee for our bookkeeping services that ensure a significant cost reduction for your investment:

• We have no vacation leave.
• We offer you the best competitive monthly prices.
• There are no visa costs.
• No Ex gratia payments.

• Avoid appointing a full-time accountant
• There is no increase in wages
• There are no air tickets
• There are no training costs

We offer the best talent and ensure a professionally qualified accountant with experience working in various sectors and areas. A dedicated technical support partner is also available as needed. As a result, you can access to a range of great of impressive accounting knowledge at an unparalleled price and level of expertise.

We are committed to you with long-term loyalty and continuous relationship, which means that the customer will benefit from bookkeeping service in a regular and continuous manner, which confirms that our customers' accounting records are always up-to-date and accurate throughout our business relationship.