Intellectual Property Services

Whether you are an individual or a multinational company, our services provide you with a fast, effective and cost-effective way to protect your inventions, brands or designs within the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The International Patent System

Seek patent protection in multiple countries by filing one international application. The PCT system :
• postpones the major costs associated with international patent protection;
• provides you with a strong basis for patenting decisions;
• is used by the world’s major corporations, research institutions and universities.

The International Design System

Register industrial designs in multiple countries with a minimum of formalities and expense. The Hague system :
• replaces multiple registrations with just one;
• lets you register up to 100 industrial designs with one form;
• makes management of your registered designs easier — record changes or renewals through a single step.

Resolving IP disputes

Our international Alternative Dispute Resolution services enable you to resolve IP disputes outside the courts, in a single neutral forum, saving significant time and money.

Arbitration and mediation

Our fast, flexible and cost-effective services for settling IP and technology disputes outside the courts include :
Mediation — where an impartial mediator helps two or more parties in dispute reach a mutually acceptable agreement between themselves.

Arbitration — where the parties agree to submit their dispute to an arbitrator, who then makes a final, binding decision (award).

Domain name disputes

We are the leading international service-provider for disputes relating to Internet domain names - or “cybersquatting.”

Our dispute resolution procedure is conducted in electronic format and delivers enforceable decisions within just two months.